What is trauma and how can we help our clients who have experienced trauma?

It’s no secret that more and more people are feeling overwhelmed by life. Some are experiencing the effects of trauma or abuse. So, what is trauma? And what is trauma counselling?

Put simply, trauma occurs when a person has an experience which overwhelms their ability to cope.
They can feel distressed and frightened and may be unable to respond in the way they would like to
(if at all), due to extreme feelings.

CatholicCare provides a number of supports and a safe, non-judgemental place to be listened to and have your story heard. The goal is to find a way to make sense of what has happened to you and decide where to next. Our trauma specialists support you to regain your sense of safety and positivity which is often lost as a result of traumatic experience. Every person deserves to feel safe in their body, safe in relationships and safe in the world. Our goal is to help clients get back to living the life they want! This workshop provides some valuable insights on how to achieve this courtesy of our own Tracie Richards.

Kim McIntyre explains why this workshop is so important

We recommend you complete the workshop one module at a time. Timings for each module are indicated and we have presented these in short bite sized chunks to allow you to digest as you progress.

Should you have any questions as you proceed you can check in with your Manager or Supervisor. Once you have finished the workshop you will be asked to complete a short quiz and a Certificate of Completion will be sent out.