Let’s Get Moving

Our exercise program is run by physiotherapist Michelle Dickson. Michelle has 13 years’ experience offering client centered care and exercise therapy. Michelle has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in private practice, military rehabilitation, community neurological rehabilitation and falls prevention as well as in aged care setting. She has a special interest in neurological conditions and exercise therapy for falls prevention.

Michelle likes to create a fun and relaxed environment during her exercise classes and adapts her sessions for each individual to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. The sessions incorporate cardiovascular fitness, strength training and balance training for falls prevention. She also throws in some cognitive challenges to keep you guessing.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have moved online so you can complete classes in the safety of your own home and stay connected! Online videos will be posted to cater for varying exercise abilities or to focus on specific concerns, for example, seated exercise classes, upper body strength or balance training.

We can talk you through how to access the videos online if you need help.
Don’t be a couch potato, come join us for a workout!

What do our sessions look like?

Standing exercises

A simple weights session


Simple exercises at home

Whole body stretching

Maintaining brain health

We would love you to join the Memory Innovations Centre family and continue to improve your wellbeing through our more comprehensive suite of Telehealth sessions and one-on-one sessions.
We can offer more personalised programs and our groups are all run by highly experienced facilitators who each bring a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Call Jessica on (02) 9481 2659 or email seniors@catholiccaredbb.org.au to book now.
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