Build Your Brain

If you or your loved one are noticing changes in your memory, or you have been diagnosed with dementia Build your Brain is the program for you. Ray Cornwall is our resident psychologist and will guide you on practical skills to assist with memory changes and cope with stress and anxiety in a relaxed social environment.

Brain training has the ability to reduce cognitive decline, assist with attention, language and processing speed and may stimulate new neural pathways to assist with cognitive impairment.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we want to stay in touch and help develop your brain power!  We want you to stay connected!

The classes are designed to be enjoyable and cater to all abilities. We can talk you through how to access the videos online if you need help. Come join us!

Introduction to Build Your Brain and Smart Goal Setting

Mnemonics & Core Beliefs



We would love you to join the Memory Innovations Centre family and continue to improve your wellbeing through our more comprehensive suite of Telehealth sessions and one-on-one sessions.
We can offer more personalised programs and our groups are all run by highly experienced facilitators who each bring a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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