Arts Smarts

Our Arts Smarts program is run by Romny Vandoros – an internationally trained Art Therapist focusing on compromised physical and cognitive health, ASD, additional needs, relationships and health and wellbeing. This form of therapy requires working closely with clients to determine range of movement, capabilities and interests, then together finding solutions which allow clients to best express themselves creatively.

This program is designed to engage the creative side of each participant. No experience required – we will untap your inner artist! Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we want to stay in touch and help develop your creative activities to engage you, spark your imagination and exercise your brain. We want you to have fun!   We want you to stay connected!

How will it work you ask? You will need a computer or a phone.

If you haven’t already register for the Art Smarts program with Jessica Margules on 0407 498 118 or email her on

Romny will call you to talk you through the process and a starter pack of art materials will be delivered to your door to kick start your creativity. Each week you will receive a seed of inspiration via email or phone and Romny will hold an online session or give you a call each week to discuss your work, and to teach and encourage you in your creative practice.

The classes are designed to be enjoyable and cater to all abilities. We can talk you through how to access the videos online if you need help. Come join us!

Arts Smarts

Breathe & Art Exercise

The History & Benefits of Art

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