Enhancing the wellness of seniors in our community

CatholicCare’s Memory Innovations Centre improves quality of life, wellbeing and helps support positive brain health for seniors in our community. Our professionally run programs focus on having fun, connecting with others and stimulating your brain. Programs are delivered online and in-centre, allowing you to choose an the option you are most comfortable with.

The programs combine science and social activity and are run by experienced facilitators to ensure you get the best outcomes for your health and wellness. Our programs are simple, enabling people to use the strategies at home, which is ideal in this current climate.



Welcome to the Memory Innovations Centre

We are here to help seniors and provide a range of supports.
Our goal is to improve wellbeing and quality of life for each individual we work with. 

memory innovations centre

A cozy, warm and welcoming environment awaits you at our centre in Waitara, with a team who is always on hand for a cuppa and a chat!

We would be thrilled for you to join the Memory Innovations Centre family and continue to improve your wellbeing. We are offering sessions in our centre, online and by phone, so no-one misses out! If you do not have the required technology or knowledge to get connected, we can help. We have some technology that we can share with you and a resident tech guru!

Our groups are run by highly experienced and trained facilitators who each bring a warm and inviting atmosphere and ensuring you receive the best outcomes for your health and wellbeing.

Please call (02) 9481 2659 or email seniors@catholiccaredbb.org.au to book.
Or use the contact form below.


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