Housing & Homelessness

We help people at risk of becoming homeless to stay securely housed, and those who are homeless to find and keep a home. We work with you to prevent homelessness and provide support. Our specialist program works with Department of Housing, Community Housing and other services such as drug and alcohol, domestic violence and mental health programs.

Our focus is on people in our community who are most at risk of becoming homeless or who are currently homeless. There are lots of reasons people become homeless such as domestic and family violence, financial difficulties, mental health, drug and alcohol issues … and more.

Whilst we are a Catholic agency, we provide services to the entire community, regardless of religion, circumstance, ethnicity, economic situation, age, gender or ability.


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A person is homeless when they don’t have a fixed, regular or adequate night time residence. They may be sleeping in a shelter,  couch surfing, sleeping in cars or on the streets. If you, or someone you might know, is affected by homelessness or needs housing supportplease reach out. 

Homeless Woman Receiving Help

On any given night here in Australia 1 in 200 people are homeless. Homelessness is not just for the Government to solve. Homelessness is everyone’s responsibility and we are here to help.



We provide a huge range of services to the community – from counselling and domestic and family violence support, to our parenting programs, disability support programs, family referral service, plus emergency relief.


  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Providing transitional accommodation and supporting people to find more long-term, stable accommodation
  • Working with individuals and families to sustain an existing tenancy
  • Providing practical, emotional and financial assistance
  • Providing information, referrals and access to other services
  • Providing support to find and keep a job.



  • General support and living skills
  • Financial and employment referrals
  • Referrals to support services such as counselling, mental health, drug and alcohol, legal and court support
  • Support to obtain, or maintain, medium and long-term housing.