Care for a child in your home – for a week, for a month or for a lifetime

There are many children and young people in our community who are unable to live with their families.
We are looking for foster carers on the Central Coast, Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney areas.

CatholicCare’s services for children and young people in Out of Home Care (OOHC) provide essential support, care and stability for children and young people affected by family breakdown,
to enable them to recover and thrive.

CatholicCare provides foster care through our network of experienced foster carers, residential homes, access to therapy and counselling and in-home support to reduce the risk of family breakdown.

Through our suite of services, and the dedication of our specialist support teams and foster carers, we are changing the lives of children and young people for the better.

Our priority is to ensure these children and young people have a safe home for life. 


Meet Izzy. She’s an everyday kid who’s grown up on the Central Coast. But right now she lives in emergency care. She has no family to look after her, and no idea where she’s going to be next week. 

What is foster care?

The Central Coast is at crisis point. There are over 1300 children in out of home care. They need families who can care for them – for one or two nights, a few weeks, months or even long-term.

Hear Roz's foster carer story

Meet Roz. This is her heart-warming story. She became a foster carer 16 years ago. We urgently need more foster carers like Roz. Could this be you? Can you open your heart and home to a child? 

Why are children in foster care?

Children enter the care system because the State identifies that they’re at risk. They are bought into care with the plan to place them in safe and secure homes, often with foster carers.

Can you help a child like Charlie?

Through no fault of his own, Charlie cannot live with his family and is currently housed in emergency motel accommodation. We’re here to connect children like Charlie with people like you. 

What's it like being in foster care?

Real kids talk about what care looked like for them and the impact it had on their lives.

What's it like to be a foster carer?

Real carers talk about why they do it and share some of their experiences.


We are looking for foster carers on the Central Coast, Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney areas.

We welcome carers of all cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.


There is no perfect formula for being a foster carer. 

The most important thing is to have a caring heart and an open mind, to understand that children in care are likely to have complex family situations and have faced difficulties in their lives.

Foster carers are people who open their homes and hearts to children and young people in need. They partner with us to support vulnerable children and young people during their time in care.

We have a large number of children and young people who need a safe, happy and secure home environment.

There are a range of social factors that place families under pressure and result in children needing care.

Whether it be for one or two nights, a few weeks, months or long-term, we need your help.

This may mean providing temporary care while the child’s family is supported to take care of the child or young person, or extended family or kin are found to assist. This may also mean providing long-term foster care. In some circumstances guardianship or adoption may be considered for a child or young person.