Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a voluntary process that assists separating families to discuss issues and generate options to reach agreements involving children, families, property and finances.

The Family Law Act requires separating families to make a genuine effort to resolve their parenting issues at FDR before they apply to the court for a Parenting Order (some exceptions apply). If you are unable to reach an agreement at FDR, and your matter involves children, you will need a S60i Certificate from an FDR practitioner to make an application to the court. Currently there are no legal requirements to attempt to resolve financial issues through FDR before applying to court, however many people find it useful to undertake FDR as a more positive, less costly alternative to court.

Whilst we are a Catholic agency, we provide services to the entire community, regardless of religion, circumstance, ethnicity, economic situation, age, gender or ability.


Many parents feel worried and confused about what COVID-19 (coronavirus) means for their children and parenting arrangements. There are a number of important things you need to know. They are detailed here.


Our Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation Services

Family breakdown is a reality we don’t like to face. The decision to divorce is never easy, and as anyone who has been through it will tell you, the painful experience can scar adults and children for many years.  Getting the right support, at the right time can reduce the long-term impact … and that’s where we can help. 


Our experienced FDR practitioners/mediators are accredited and registered with the Attorney Generals Department. FDR practitioners do not take sides, or make decisions for you.



We support both parties to focus on the best interests of the children. We endeavour to provide a gender-balanced, co-mediation model of FDR and can assist you to access any support services you may require.


Topics for FDR include (but are not limited to):

  • Parenting agreements
  • Time children spend with their parents
  • Changeovers
  • Communication
  • Children’s education
  • Special days eg. Christmas
  • School holidays
  • Financial contributions
  • Spending time with grandparents
  • Property/financial division


Depending on client availability, we try to see clients for their initial assessment within a 2 week time frame.