Life Skills

Life skills are any skills that you consider important to become more independent and live the life you want. Some examples of the skills CatholicCare can help you develop are:

  • Literacy skills (including learn to read, write, find and use related resources)
  • Numeracy skills (from learning to count to learning basic mathematics useful when shopping, travelling, etc)
  • Budgeting (understanding how to manage your money)
  • Time management
  • Travel training
  • Using technology
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • General communication
  • Housekeeping
  • Socialising and community engagement.

CatholicCare also runs independence leisure programs for participant who want to put life skills into practice in a group setting but without the support of staff.

Furthermore, CatholicCare runs fun overnight stays, camps and weekends away in different locations throughout NSW. All locations are pre-determined in advance in consultation with participants.  Be sure to check with us for the latest program.

Recreation and leisure programs are an excellent way to complement other services you may choose to access through CatholicCare. They allow you to put almost any new skills into practice in a safe and encouraging manner while in a mainstream environment.


CatholicCare has a dedicated team to support you to implement your NDIS plan. Our client engagement team will ensure you understand your NDIS plan, its limits, flexibility and capabilities. This includes explaining to you the specific language used by the NDIA to refer to your budgeted supports.

We will provide you with information about suitable service providers that you can engage to execute your NDIS plan. The team will also help you address difficulties that you may experience when setting up your services.

In order to ensure you are truly supported, we will keep track of how your network of supports perform. Overtime we may provide suggestions about how to improve its set up to ensure a smooth running of service for you. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS plan and that the supports in place are truly suitable to your needs.


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