Disability Futures at CatholicCare

Through dedicated disability hubs, community and home-based locations across Northern Sydney and the Central Coast, CatholicCare provides a comprehensive range of individual and group programs for those living with disability.

We support people to develop the skills and capabilities they need to gain independence and participate in society. We enable opportunities for choice, inclusion and achievement at home and in the community.

We offer both tailored individual programs and a range of flexible group programs designed for young people and adults including stimulating recreational programs and day programs specifically focusing on social and skill development to increase independence and life skills. We also offer after-school programs and vacation are services. Plus our exciting new sports and dance academies.

You may have heard of our art studio Boonah which is designed to meet the needs of artists with disabilities. Established in 1995, the space also operates as a gallery, which is open to the public. Proceeds go to the artist, recognising their talent and achievement.

We also offer Support Coordination services if you need help organising your NDIS plan. CatholicCare is an NDIS registered provider and can provide assistance to facilitate, coordinate and implement client’s plans.

Our qualified and dedicated staff pride themselves on developing strong relationships with those in our care, as well as their families and carers. We want a world where people living with a disability are valued equally, listened to and included. We’re here to improve the lives of our client’s and their families now, and fight alongside them for a better future.

CatholicCare has been independently verified as meeting the NSW Disability Service Standards and the Common Care Community Standards.

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At CatholicCare we focus on ability. We’re all about helping our clients bring out the best in themselves and assisting families to navigate the NDIS to get the supports they need. We are enablers, facilitators, coaches and friends. We know people want to have fun, learn new skills, make friends and express and we have a range of brilliant programs to make this a reality.

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