St Brendan’s OSHC, Lake Munmorah


Our qualified and experienced educators provide a relaxed environment that fosters your child’s interests, creativity and development in partnership with parents and guardians. OSHC is a priority for working families. Our goal is to have the children love coming here due to our fantastic program and caring educators.


Our Lake Munmorah OSHC is open to children from St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School and Lake Munmorah Public School. We are located on the school grounds of St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School. We provide:

  • Before school care: 6.30am to 9.00am
    If your child goes to Lake Munmorah Public School, one of our educators will walk them to school.
  • After school care: 2.30pm to 6.00pm
  • Vacation care: 7.30am to 6.00pm
    Children from all schools are welcome to enjoy our excursions and activities during school holidays.

 We work closely with St Brendan’s Catholic School and Lake Munmorah Public School to provide a wide range of learning and play activities including creative arts and craft, sports and fitness, social development, homework supervision and board games.


Coordinator, Lake Munmorah OSHC
29 Carters Road
P: (02) 4358 8157 or 0408 789 189

More Information

Enrolment and fees

CatholicCare welcomes enrolments from all children ages 5-12 years old from our community. To enrol, simply complete the Expression of Interest Form and either email the completed form to or drop it into the service.

Fees are as follows:

  • Before school care: $17.50 per day (permanent), $19.50 per day (casual)
  • After school care: $26.50 per day (permanent), $28.50 per day (casual)
  • Vacation care: $62 + excursion costs
  • We charge an annual admin fee of $25.00 per family, and $5.00 for each additional child

Our Lake Munmorah OSHC service is a Registered Carer. Some families may be eligible to claim Child Care Benefit if you meet the required work assessment. Families will need to investigate their eligibility through the Family Assistance Office.



We provide the following:

  • Before school care: breakfast consisting of cereal and toast or juice or milo.
  • After school care: afternoon tea consisting of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We take food intolerances and allergies very seriously and have a strict ‘no nut policy’ due to anaphylaxis. This means no food can be bought into the service. We are able to accommodate dietary requirements ie. gluten free, dairy free etc. so please speak to use about your child’s needs.


What to bring

Before and after school
A sun safe hat for outdoor play
A filled water bottle
Raincoat/umbrella during wet weather

Vacation care
Pack a healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
A filled water bottle
A sun safe hat for outdoor play
Suitable shoes for running and outdoor play
A change of clothes incase they get wet or soiled
Raincoat/umbrella during wet weather


We provide a range of activities so that each child can engage in something they are interested in

Our Location

This is where you will find us. Pop your address into the map to get directions. We look forward to welcoming you to our Centre.

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