Enrol your child

It is so important that you feel comfortable not only with the person providing the care for your child but also the organisation that the educator is registered with. The quality and regularity of the support and monitoring provided are also a very important part of family day care and the welfare of your child.

When you are added to our wait list we ask for details such as the days you require, your child’s age, location care is needed etc. This enables us to match your needs with the educators who may have a vacancy. You can update your details and change your requirements at any time.

It is important that you maintain contact with our staff while you are on our waiting list. You can contact us at any time to up-date or discuss the placement.

Family Day Care Coordination Unit
P: (02) 9488 2412 or 9488 2572
E: fdc@catholiccaredbb.org.au


The staff will look at your needs and match this with an educator or educators who have a vacancy. You will be given details of the educator/s. You and your child will visit the educator for a tour of their facilities, program and discuss your expectations of care.

When you have chosen an educator, you will be asked to contact the Coordination Unit to arrange and enrolment interview.

During the interview, all aspects of our service – policies, government assistance with fees, role of the Coordination Unit staff, settling your child into care, what to bring to care etc. will be discussed with you.


Prior to commencing care families must provide a copy of their child’s immunisation records. One of the following documents is to be provided:

  • ACIR Immunisation History Statement
  • ACIR Immunisation History Form
  • ACIR Medical Contraindication Form

You can get a copy of your child’s immunisation details through Medicare Online Services or by calling the Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809.



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