St John the Baptist Early Learning Centre, Woy Woy


We believe by providing children with the opportunity to feel safe and secure they will grow and develop to their potential whilst engaging in a stimulating, creative and fun learning program.

We strive to create a foundation for learning based on the recognition that each child is unique and as such should be provided with the opportunity to explore and further develop their sense of self. We recognise that a content child is more often than not, a confident child and aim to create a sense of wellbeing and happiness within their days.

Our purpose built centre is aesthetically appealing and ideal for individual, small and large group activities. A warm, home-like atmosphere of inclusive play-based learning is at the core of our service philosophy and educator’s practice.


Our St John the Baptist Early Learning Centre is a purpose-built preschool on the grounds of St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School.

  • We cater for children aged 3 – 5 years.
  • We have a flexible attendance pattern with a 2 day minimum. This provides consistency and helps children develop friendships and a sense of belonging.
  • Our operating hours are:
    – Preschool room 8.30am – 4.00pm during the school term
    – Extended hours room 7.00am – 6.00pm 50 weeks/year.
  • We have three groups of 20 children.
  • We welcome children and families of all backgrounds regardless of their choice of primary school.


Coordinator, Woy Woy ELC
21a Dulkara Road
Woy Woy NSW 2256

P: (02) 4344 1173
M: 0481 602 081


A warm, home-like atmosphere of inclusive play-based learning is at the core of our service philosophy and educator’s practice ...

More Information

Our rooms

We have three preschool rooms which are grouped according to the child’s age:

  • Bunal Room: Our traditional preschool room for 3 – 5 year olds
  • Murku Room 1: Our extended hours preschool room for 3 – 4 year olds
  • Murku Room 2: Our extended hours preschool room for 4 – 5 year olds.


Our curriculum

We offer a diverse and extensive learning curriculum which provides opportunities to develop and extend each child’s knowledge, independence, creativity and awareness of others. Our outdoor art studio provides children with the opportunity to access a variety of creative experiences in a natural and peaceful environment.

Our curriculum is constantly developing as a result of educator observations, ongoing learning stories and via the input of the children and their families. This reflective practice ensures we develop each child’s needs, strengths and interests through learning areas such as literacy, numeracy, creativity, science, technology and physical education.


Our educators

The ELC is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals and consists of University trained Early Childhood Teachers and Diploma Educators with many years of experience.


Documenting the learning

Each day is filled with a vast range of rich learning which we want you to see and be a part of. This may include displays of children’s art work, photo boards, project books and learning stories. Our online portfolio provides families with the opportunity to view and share their children’s learning journey. We use iPads to take photos and write daily journal which are then distributed via email for families at the end of each day.


School transition

Our educators are well aware of the social, emotional and cognitive skills that children require for a positive transition into primary school. We also organise a number of experiences that are jointly planned with St John the Baptist Primary School. They include weekly library visits, sports sessions at the school oval, attending school events, caring for the school chickens and garden, having afternoon tea at the school and kindy visits. These regular visits to the primary school allow the children the opportunity to develop a sense of ease in a larger social environment prior to entering kindergarten. These visits focus on some of the key features of a primary school, which are consistent regardless of which school children will attend.


Enrolment and fees

CatholicCare welcomes enrolments from all children ages 3- 5 from our community.

To enrol simply complete the Expression of Interest Form and email the completed form to

Families are also welcome to contact the Coordinator for further information or to arrange a tour of the preschool and an opportunity to meet our educators.

  • Our traditional preschool room is $40 for a 3 year old and $30 for a 4 year old and above.
  • Our extended hours preschool room is $75 and is CCS approved.
  • Offers of enrolment for the beginning of the year are made in September/October of the previous year.

Please note, some families may be eligible to claim Child Care Benefit if you meet the required work assessment. Families will need to investigate their eligibility through the Family Assistance Office.


What to bring

Recommended clothing

  • Clothing must be sun safe and cover the children’s shoulders, back and stomach. Singlets and sleeveless tops are not recommended.
  • Clothing needs to be suitable to the weather and allow for messy, explorative play. Please do not send your children in good clothes as it restricts their play and interactions.
  • Preferred footwear includes joggers (velcro straps preferred), slip on shoes and sandals (no thongs).


  • You will need to pack a healthy and nutritious morning tea and lunch plus a drink bottle with water. Healthy food ideas include sandwiches, yoghurt, crackers, vegetables, fruit and cheese. Please avoid sending chocolate of any kind (including milo and nutella products), lollies, chips, rollups, juice or fizzy drinks.
  • Please note we are a nut aware service. Depending on individual children we may need to restrict other foods at certain times.

Other items

  • 6 nappies if applicable.
  • Sheets and blanket if your child requires a rest.


Our Location

This is where you will find us. Pop your address into the map to get directions. We look forward to welcoming you to our Centre.

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