Our Foster Carers

Here we share the remarkable stories of some of those who currently provide a safe and nurturing home to vulnerable and at-risk children in our local community. We are so thankful for their support.


I am Karren.  I have been a foster mum for 14 years. As a birth parent to four children and step-parent to another four, I’m pretty well equipped for the daily challenges that come with being a parent. For me it’s all about love, laughter and labels!

We love providing the kids we foster a stable, safe and loving environment. These children did not ask to be born into this world to suffer heartache or neglect. We provide stability to ensure they have a future that they may not have otherwise had.

Being a foster parent is challenging, but definitely rewarding! You’re managing behaviours, chores, sporting activities, homework, life skills, fighting, social skills and what to have for dinner! Being organised is key!


The rewards are priceless. For me, just seeing them smile and progressive in a positive manner is enough. I love to see the children grow into the best they can be.

I am Margie. I have looked after six children over the last 10 years.

People need to consider foster care because there not enough carers for the amount of children needing care. If we don’t help they could be institutionalised.

Children simply need to feel that they belong. Many of these children come from dysfunctional families. They need the stability. If they keep getting moved around, that’s part of the problem. Each placement breakdown causes a little more damage to the child.

As a foster carer you need to remember that these children have a mother and a father, but what they lack are positive role models. That’s what I am to my foster children.

There are not enough carers for the amount of children needing care!

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