Different types of foster care


A special someone, or special family who cares for a child currently being fostered by another family. A respite carer provides the child’s full time foster family with a break, a chance to recharge, respond to other family need and maintain their general wellbeing. Respite care generally occurs over a weekend but can occur during school holiday periods or under other short term arrangements as required.


Immediate short term care can be for as little as a few weeks or up to 3 months while it is decided whether or not a child can go back home safely. Carers will trained to support a child to transition either into a permanent placement or back to their birth family if this is decided. Short term carers will also assist with the children contacting and maintaining connection to their birth family.


Permanent carers (guardians) will accept a child into their family and become their permanent legal guardian, offering them a safe home and a space in their family for life. CatholicCare supports permanent carers with ongoing financial, emotional and practical assistance to assist the stability and longevity placements. Foster Care is also a pathway to adoption.

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