Community Visitors Scheme



There are residents in aged care homes who are lonely and may not have family or friends living nearby.

Our Community Visitors Scheme volunteers spend an hour once a fortnight developing friendships, having a chat and sharing a cuppa. And the joy they bring is immeasurable! Our one-on-one visiting scheme matches volunteers from the local community with residents who live in aged care facilities who have been identified as being socially isolated for various reasons and their quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship.

Last year we had 50+ volunteers visiting 75 elderly residents!

Kate, one of our incredible volunteers has been visiting Sonia fortnightly for four years. Sonia will be turning 100 years this year and thoroughly enjoys the visits! Sonia shares with Kate the wonderful stories of her life and particularly about her days in the WAAF during the war. As Sonia does not have many family members or friends living close by Kate is very important in her life and they have a great friendship.

Can you spare a hour a fortnight to help?
The visiting times are very flexible. Orientation and ongoing training and support is provided. There is also an opportunity for social gatherings.

If you are interested, please contact:
Nicki Bispham
P: 0418 435 304

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