Our Strategic Directions

CatholicCare’s Strategic Directions for 2016-18 ensures a thriving and sustainable organisation equipped to embrace opportunity. We are child safe and promote a positive culture reinforced by our missions and values.

We are a provider of choice to clients delivering quality, evidence-based services. And our systems enable an agile and well supported workforce.

Strategic Direction 1:

Delivering quality services through best practice

  • A child safe organisation
  • Support innovation through evidence-based practice
  • Focus on outcomes measurement
  • Know our clients through enhanced client participation opportunities


Strategic Direction 2:

An agile and supportive workforce

  • Attract and retain quality staff who are committed to excellence
  • Foster leadership potential across the organisation
  • Improved technology to support the work of staff and enable a mobile workforce


Strategic Direction 3:

Valuing relationships

  • Promote meaningful engagement with our communities
  • Enhance connection to the parishes and schools in the Diocese


Strategic Direction 4:

Sustainability and growth

  • Build a strong brand and identity
  • Nurture a positive and reinforcing culture
  • Invest in systems to support sustainability
  • Increase income and protect growth



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