Employee Benefits


CatholicCare offer the following general benefits to employees:

  • Flexible working conditions
    CatholicCare understands work life balance and personal commitments. Our different programs cater for a variety of client needs which means that there is some capacity to offer part-time and flexible working options.
  • Long service leave
    Permanent employees are eligible for long service leave on a pro-rata basis after ten years continuous service with CatholicCare.
  • Salary packaging
    As a not-for-profit organisation, we offer generous salary packaging opportunities for permanent staff providing significant tax savings, including  meals, entertainment and holiday accommodation benefits. Eligible staff may be entitled to novated car leases.
  • Staff Service Awards
    Staff are rewarded for their commitment and contribution with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year service recognition certificates and gifts. Teams and Managers share and support their colleagues achievements with a suitable celebratory event.



Your safety and wellbeing at work is also important to us and we have a number of programs in place to support you.

  • Employee assistance program
    We have an arrangement with an external provider to give conditional free access to their short term counselling services whenever you or your immediate family members need some additional support for work or personal issues. Critical incident debriefing is also available if needed.
  • Safe place to work
    Our Work Health Safety management system provides the safest possible workplace for you. Safe Work Week is celebrated within the month of October each year which promotes local initiatives that include safety and mental wellbeing.
  • Wellbeing Strategy
    CatholicCare recognises the risk of exposure to vicarious trauma when working with traumatised populations. Wellbeing strategies are designed for individual programs. Education, risk monitoring and individual self-care planning are promoted as active ways to manage and enhance our teams wellbeing.
  • Equal access to employment opportunities
    We value diversity and equity as contributing to innovation and quality of care.  CatholicCare employs and promotes people based on merit, free from discrimination based on sex, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibility, sexual preference, race, cultural background, disability, political or religious belief and age.